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Printed clothing labels are available in a wide assortment of materials, textures and finishes printed on very latest Rotary printing machine availabel in the market. Each of our printed clothing labels reflect a distinct direction for the garment on which it is sewn. Scroll down to review the various options we manufacture and supply.

Material :

  • Slit edge satin labels (single & double sided)
  • Woven edge satin labels (single & double sided)
  • Nylon Taffeta labels
  • Dyed Satin ribbons
  • Dupont Tyek labels
  • Organic cotton labels with matt & twill weave
  • Holographic satin & taffeta Labels
  • Hot stamped foil ribbons
  • Adhesive Satin labels with easy peel off


  • Latest Rotary printing machine (4+1)
  • Flat bed printing machine
  • Foil stamping machine
  • Cut seal Machine
  • Latest Curing machine

We have introduced a unique state-of-the-art machinery to transfer your hologram onto Satin & Taffeta printed labels, You can use this as all in one concept to protect your brand from fake products. It eliminates requirement of any additional label or sticker to be attached thus reducing your cost significantly. We have successfully implemented this technology for The Bombay Dyeing & Mfg.Co.Ltd. for all their products.


Manufactured in a variety of different methods and using various materials, ribbons & lanyards are an excellent promotional, gifting & packaging product. They can be double side satin ribbon or grosgrain or organza material to suit your needs.


A woven label is always an outstanding option. This is because it will maintain its appearence for the life of the garment. Woven labels can be weaved in any size, finishes, shapes and colours. We can die cut shapes around the edges or even inside the label perimeter. We will enhance the recognition of your brand through our many customisation options and various qualities such as DAMASK,TAFFETA, SATIN, REVERSE SATIN and NEEDLE LOOM.


Labelling requirements may require speedy turnarounds and variable data changes for prices, sizes and colours. Barcodes or other variable data are available for a range of products. All barcode symbologies can be printed. We can incorporate this type of varaible information into your FABRIC PRINTED LABELS, POLYBAG STICKERS AND CARTON STICKERS.


We produce a huge assortment of self-adhesive labels for the clothing, cosmetic, food and beverage and promotion industries. Available in various materials, We also provide PVC SIZE stickers. we can tailor your adhesive label to your exact requirements and applications. From our base stock we are able to offer materials such as papers, vinyls and acetates with permanent, peelable options.

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